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Wirral Funeral Prices
Your loved one is our priority, and our family policy is to always give you the very best level of service & facilities, at the most economic price.
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Wherever you are in Wirral, We're Here to Help, and whatever funeral service you require we will always try to keep costs down.

We are FCA registered and can offer Low interest finance to help pay some or all of the funeral costs, over 12 - 48 months if need be.
Terms and conditions apply, and a decision to see if you are eligible is made over the phone within minutes.

There are two elements to the price of a funeral.                          
1, Disbursements
These are fees over which we have no control such as Doctor’s Cremation Fees 
If the coroner is involved and a post mortem examination takes place, Doctor's fees do not apply. 

Other examples of disbursements are Crematorium or Cemetery Charges
For example Landican Crematorium Fees are (correct from 1st April 2020)
£560.00 for a service between 9.00 a.m. and 9.30 a.m.
£800.00 for a service between 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.
£842.00 for a service between 2.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m.
£869.25.00 Blacon Crematorium, Chester, £956.00 if you don't reside within the Cheshire West & Chester Area.

Burial fees vary from Churchyard's to different Cemeteries and a new grave to purchase and open in a local authority cemetery is somewhere in the region of around £2000.

Minister of Religion fee for officiating at the service £207.00, which is set by the Church, or a Funeral Celebrant / Humanist fee
2, Laurence Jones Funeral Directors fees
Keeping our costs down as much as possible. We believe our charges to be fair and reasonable for our exceptional level of service.
Please read,  to see a selection of just a handful of comments,
the likes we recieve weekly, about our unparalleled level of service 

By calling Laurence Jones, you are assured of our best intentions at all times.
We are not run by shareholders aiming to hit targets who treat people merely as numbers,
we are not salesmen & will not try to sell you things or add costs on unneccesarily.

Laurence and Hilary live above the Funeral Home, so there is always at least one of the Jones family around 24 hours a day.
People find this reassuring to know and emphasise that this personal touch really makes Castle House a real Funeral Home!


Fully Inclusive Traditional Cremation Funeral Services at Landican £2600.00 Includes
Cremation Fee, Dr's statutory cremation form, Minister or Celebrant, Hearse and 1 limousine,
Oak coffin & coffin bearers.
Chapel of rest facilities, if required between 10.00 a.m and 4.00 p.m. always by appointment.
Charitable Donations managed on your behalf.
Cremated remains collected or scattered on Garden of Remembrance.
£2700.00 includes 30 printed order of service leaflets and flowers to go on the coffin

Prices will be further reduced if you do not require any of the above services.

For a No Frills, unattended (No Minister or Celebrant) simple Direct cremation
We will provide this service all inclusive FOR ONLY £1395.00
Please see
(*Full Payment is required 48hrs before the cremation takes place*)
Am I entitled to a Government contribution towards the Funeral expenses?

The person paying the Funeral expenses may be entitled to some help towards the cost of the funeral, depending on what state benefits he/she receives.

  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Benefit
  • (Income based) Job seekers allowance
  • Disabled persons Tax Credit
  • Working Family’s Tax Credit

You should contact your local Benefits Agency for more information about this.

Any Funeral payment paid out will have to be paid back from any estate of the deceased person. The estate means any money, property, savings and insurance policies that the deceased person owned. A house or personal possessions that are left to a Widow, Widower or surviving Civil Partner do not count as part of the estate.
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