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Uniquely Beautiful,Castle House Funeral Home In Wirral
24th November 1978, we began our business at 26 Village Road, Higher Bebington.

During the following three years, as a result of the public demand for our services, it became essential to find larger premises.

The need was met by 111 Church Road, Higher Tranmere, where we officially opened on 24th November 1981.

However, Laurence Jones was still searching to provide his clients with a really luxurious Funeral Home. He did not have to wait long.

In 1983 we acquired the magnificent Bebington landmark, “El Kebir”, known locally as “The Castle House”, because of its distinctive castle like appearance. El Kebir means the mighty one in Arabic.

Our Castle House Funeral Home is ideally situated close to all Wirral addresses and is suited to provide for the needs of the discerning bereaved. It is said that the building was built in the style, and is almost a replica, of Lord Kitchener’s house in Khartoum.

Whether or not this “legend” is true, one fact which unites the countless hundreds of families who have called on our service over the years, is how much this elegant building lends itself so naturally to its present purpose.
Castle House Funeral Home was officially opened and dedicated in 1983, since when it has been lovingly upgraded and restored.

In 1994 a large extension increased its size by about one third, and in 2005 a further large extension was added.
Detached and set in its own gardens, its very design inspires a respectful, tranquil atmosphere.

Because Laurence and Hilary live above the funeral home, there is always at least one of the Jones family around 24 hrs a day.
If they go out or away anytime, then, Roger and his family move in to always be there for you for that period of time.
This ensures that  your loved one is never left completely alone.
Many people find this reassuring to know and emphasise that this personal touch really makes Castle House a real Funeral Home!


Truly Personal Service
Est 1978

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