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       Welcome to Laurence Jones
 Funeral Directors Neston & Parkgate

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Funeral Home serving:
Neston, Parkgate, Burton
Puddington, Heswall,
Thornton Hough & Willaston

Our Funeral Home Offices & private Chapels 

Mon - Fri 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. 

We are conveniently located, serve All areas, & Prices on average 
£1000.00!! less
 than large conglomorate groups in the area.

24 hour help & advice available
any time, 365 days a year on:
Tel (0151) 245 2233 
or 327 4299 or 608 8503 

 £2100 SIMPLE CREMATION:  £ 2100 LOW COST Simple Cremation Funeral at Landican (All Fees Included)
Cremation Fees & Service at Landican Crematorium Chapel 9.00 or 9.30a.m.**
Doctors Statutory Forms for Cremation if required
Receiving Loved One Into Our Care Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm
Mercedes Hearse, Oak or Elm wooden Coffin & Coffin Bearers 
Collection & Safekeeping of Cremated Remains For You If Required
Funeral Celebrant / Religious Minister To Officiate The Funeral Service
Loved Ones Are Cared For Respectfully at Our Professional Mortuary Facilities

Chapel of Rest Facilities, Service Leaflets, Flowers or Assistance with Charitable Donations 
CAN NOT be added to the Simple Cremation Funeral Package
(If required Please See Traditional Funeral Package)

Items that CAN be Added to the Simple Cremation Funeral
** For a Funeral Service between 10am and 2pm ADD £500 on to this package**
7 Seat Chauffer Driven Mercedes Benz Limousines £200 per vehicle
4 Seat Chauffer Driven Mercedes R class or Range Rover Evoque
*Additional fees will apply *£200 Extra if assistance is required after 5.00, at weekends or Bank Holidays   

 £ 3499 TRADITIONAL FUNERAL AT LANDICAN or BLACON Crematorium* (All Fees Included)
Cremation Fees & Service at Landican or Blacon Any Time of Day
Mercedes Hearse & One Matching 7 Seat Mercedes Limousine
Oak or Elm wooden Coffin, All Necessary Staff Including 4 Coffin Bearers
Receiving Loved One Into Our Care Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm
Doctors Statutory Forms for Cremation If Required
Religious Minister or a Funeral Celebrant to Officiate the Funeral Service
* 30 printed Order of Service Leaflets
* 1 x 3 foot length Floral Tribute for Top of the Coffin
* Chapel of Rest Facilities Weekdays between 10.00 a.m. & 4.00 p.m.
Collection & Safekeeping of Cremated Remains For You If Required
Charitable Donations Collected & Distributed
Wirral Council Area Residents incur an additional £91 out of area fee
(not our charge) for Blacon Crematorium set by Cheshire West Council )
Additional Items Can be Added or Deducted from Traditional Funeral Option
Matching Chauffer Driven 7 seat Mercedes Benz Limousine’s £200 per vehicle
Matching Chauffer Driven 
seat Mercedes Benz R Class or Range Rover £100
Additional flowers or printing & any other requests prices will vary accordingly
Funerals in Church Prior to Cremation Extra £100 For Additional Staff Costs
Church Fees (not our charge) are FROM £200 upwards
Each Church Charges Different Amounts Subject to Requests
We operate a 24 hour 365 days a year personal service
£200 fee If Assistance is Required from 5.00pm, at Weekends or Bank Holidays

£1200 minimum deposit 
Is Required to be paid Before All Funeral Dates Please
For Help or Advice please phone anytime day or night 365 days a year on
0151 245 2233  0151 327 4299  or  0151 608 8503  email:

For prices & information about our pre paid funeral plans that start from £1750
or to purchase a funeral plan online
please click on link:

Buy Funeral Plan

 Funeral Home Facilities locally to you in Bebington, Eastham, NestonChester
Truly Personal Service
Est 1978

We accept all major credit cards