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Pre Paid Funeral Plans Wirral 
Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses & a funeral payment plan is a caring, sensible and cost-effective way to do so.

All  money is held in a trust fund, backed by the financial planning authority, ensuring all your money is completely safe and secure.

The advantage of a prepayment plan over a savings account or life insurance policy is that you can pay now, at today's price and beat inflation - no matter when the service might be required, & any money is held in a secure Trust Fund, that goes up in value.

The Main Advantages of a Pre Paid Plan 
1. You can choose your own funeral arrangements, for your own peace of mind.
2. You save your family from having to make difficult decisions, trying to guess what you would have wanted, at such a distressing time.

You choose the funeral you want. The Funeral Director's charges are fully guaranteed, and provided the arrangements remain unchanged, we will not ask for any more for our services.
By paying in advance for a funeral, you tailor the funeral plan, to your exact requirements, leaving you & your family with peace of mind.

Our Funeral Plans can be paid for in full, or you can choose to pay by installments up to 20 years.
You can take out a Funeral Plan, for any one you wish or in 2 names, & they don't have to be for yourself.
There are no awkward health questions, and we can help you fill up any paper work. Home visits are always available!

For more information about the trust fund companies that we work with please click on the link for Golden Charter, Golden Leaves or Funeral Planning Trust. We also accept funeral plans from other Funeral Plan providers.
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We also provide PRE-ARRANGEMENT without payment, where we determine your wishes with you and keep them on file, with a letter of confirmation for your family or executors to hold. The funeral would in due time be arranged according to those wishes, as per usual.

You may have a funeral plan with one of the following funeral plan providers where we are your allocated funeral directors.
Alternatively if you do have a funeral plan with one of these companies,
(but allocated to another funeral directors) & would like to transfer any existing plan over to ourselves , so that one of our funeral homes can carry out your final wishes as opposed to another, this is a very simple process, please contact us any time & we will get the plan changed over to Laurence Jones Funeral Directors for you.

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I would like to recommend Roger Jones from Laurence Jones Funeral Directors.
I met with Roger to discuss a pre – paid funeral plan for my mother, whom is in care.

Roger explained everything to me and I made the decision to proceed in a calm and informed manner. This was so different from the decision I made 2 years earlier for my father.

I would recommend Laurence Jones as the place to purchase your pre – paid funeral plan.
Not only is the decision making process easier than when you have a tear in your eye, but the price was over £1000 cheaper than I paid at one of the national funeral homes.


John Byrne from Liscard
 A letter dated 20th March from Laurence Jones Funeral Directors

Good evening, from all at Laurence Jones Funeral Directors. It has come to our attention that the Royal Mail, have delivered leaflets locally regarding pre paid funeral plans.These are a leaflet designed to inform people about a service we provide and have done for many years to ease the burden both financially and to give people peace of mind that their funeral wishes will be recorded, paid for and carried out depending on their own preference when the time comes, in most cases hopefully a long time in the future.

This planning is sensible and has many benefits to people.
We Laurence Jones Funeral Directors do not receive any payment until such time as the funeral is required no matter how far into the future that may be.
We would like to let people know that the funeral plan leaflets delivered by the Royal Mail recently were designed and paid for several weeks ago, as they only do these print runs so many times a year. It is unfortunate that the timing of the Royal Mail distribution of any leaflets has come at a time when there is a viral pandemic in the country. We obviously couldn't anticipate that there would be this happening right now, and would like just simply to apologise if any one received a leaflet who may find it to be in bad taste during these circumstances.
The leaflets were supposed to have been delivered by the Royal Mail several weeks ago, and as far as we were aware were delivered several weeks ago and not in recent days.

It is a service we provide that is designed to help people, but again can only apologise if any one feels upset at the timing of receiving this by post. That was not down to us.
Once again, this was out of our control, we did not know leaflets were going out to people any time soon, as we had not issued for this to happen and will be speaking to the people who printed the leaflets about why the Royal Mail have delivered anything when they shouldn't have.

People's health is our top priority and we will continue to provide our services throughout this difficult time for people, although it may be that rules and regulations come in, again something out of our control that effect funeral services.
Finally we are key workers during a pandemic even if the rest of the country is shut down in isolation.
We will be putting our own health on the line to help the public, but we have made provisions to cover all sorts of scenarios so that we can operate in a safe and professional manner.
Our team at Laurence Jones have everything in place to carry on as normal as possible under the circumstances and are here as always 24 hours a day.
As we are still going to be able to get out and about and other people may not be able, we would like to extend our services to the public in way of being a helping hand to people wherever is safe to do so.
If any one needs help with anything such as items they need collecting or delivering to people that are essential, but people are isolated and can't get out, then please ring and we will try to help out wherever we can.

Here for you whenever and wherever you need us, all at Laurence Jones Funeral Directors
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